Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Simon Njami's "Divine Comedy" exhibition at MMK, Frankfurt am Main

Moataz Nasr, Dome, 2011 
(all images copyright of the artists)

Edson Chagas, TIPO PASS, Filipe D. Kuangana, 2012

Aida Muluneh, The 99 Series, 2013 ©

Simon Njami's large, themed exhibition, "Divine Comedy" recently opened at MMK museum in Frankfurt, Germany, and is worth checking out. Having previewed the show for Artforum, I am curious to see how Njami managed to fit the incredibly diverse practices of the fifty-one invited artists, into the show's three rubrics--"Heaven, Hell & Purgatory"--based on the Divine Comedy the monumental poem by Dante, the Italian/Florentine medieval poet. Does the show produce fascinating and smartly fresh juxtapositions of the mostly already-existing works by many of the major names? Or does it come across as merely using a conceptual interest in the ancient Italian poet's apocalyptic vision to convene another unwieldy contemporary
African art survey? This is a must-see show!

Here's a link to the show's page on MMK's website: The Divine Comedy

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davidamescurtis said...

I’ve just learned that this catalog has been published, with my professional translation work included without my knowledge or permission. I am owed more than $450.00 by Simon Njami for translation work on this catalog and was never even given a chance to check the proofs!