Sunday, April 13, 2014

Gold-plated iPhones @ Nigerian President's Daughter's Wedding

Gold-plated iPhones presented to guests at the wedding of Faith Jonathan and Godswill Edward, yesterday. Faith is the daughter of Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan. Blog reports indicate that Faith received more than 60 exotic cars from "well-wishers," many of them political insiders and government contractors (isn't that enough to establish a high-end car dealership?). 

So now you see how Nigeria's wealth is spent? Nothing this government will say or do will convince me that it is remotely interested in doing anything about the culture of corruption that has kept Nigeria from becoming a truly livable and progressive nation. No amount of human resources (which it has in abundance) or runaway religiosity (everything is blamed on "...luck, Faith and; God's will", pun intended!), or foreign investment due to the re-based GDP will do it, with the perverse and pervasive predatory materialism of supposedly elected officials. I don't mind if these people waste money they actually earned; it is the knowledge that much of this decadence is paid for with stolen public funds. Even more depressing is that you would find millions there in Nigeria who'd justify the wedding gifts! Who else, they'd ask you, should receive or give such fabulous gifts but the President's daughter? That tells you what both the rulers and the ruled think about the commonwealth, and why public corruption is a Nigerian way of life.

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