Thursday, June 4, 2015

Class Day Photos, Art & Archaeology Department, Princeton

Tuesday, June 1 was Class Day, and this year was an especially good year with some fine especially theses for the (Program 1: Art History) and thesis exhibitions (for Program 2: Studio Art). And yes, some really smart young women and men. 

Chair, Michael Koortbojian address the audience

Professor Michael Koortbojian

 Here are samples of Honors Thesis and Thesis Exhibitions from Programs 1 & 2:
Phway Su Aye thesis on Yangon's colonial architectural heritage

Joseph Thomas Bonura's thesis on War Posters in America

Elizabeth Hall Rise on Social Surrealism in mid-20th-century America

Yael Wollstein's thesis on the French modernist Maurice Denis

Hoi Lam Helen Wong's investigative thesis on a carved stone fragment in the Princeton
Univ. Art Museum, from ancient Egypt

Joe Scanlan, Director & Professor of Visual Arts (Lewis Center for the Arts), presents
thesis exhibitions

Margaret Ann Craycraft's video, Labor Against Waste (in the background)

Kemy Chuxia Lin's Disorientations, an installation featuring multimedia evidence of her
documented trip to the moon

Amber Symone Stewart's Black Balance, a video and photographic installation on comparative blackness

Christopher Bogle Webb St. John's Bench, a multimedia installation on the relationship between object (Bench),
meaning and experience
Amber Stewart receives The Herbert L. Lucas Award in Visual Arts

Elizabeth Hall Rise receives The White Prize in Art and Archaeology, the top departmental prize. Ms. Rise also received the Grace May Tilton Prize in the Program in American Studies

Alison Kay Itzkowitz receives the Rensselear Lee Prize (for a thesis on art theory and literature)

Yael Wollstein receives The Irma S. Steiz Prize for the best thesis in the Field of Modern Art

Dalma Foldesi and Misha Semenov jointly received The Frederick Barnard White Prize in Architecture. Misha was Princeton's Valedictorian this year! 

Elizabeth Hall Rise receives The Federick Barnard White Prize in Art and Archaeology

Phway Su Aye receives The Senior Thesis Prize

Amber Stewart's grand father among the guests 

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Public presentation of my book Postcolonial Modernism @ Goethe-Institut, Lagos, June 18

I am truly excited that there will be a public presentation of my newest book at the Goethe-Institut, Lagos on June 18. I am expecting friends new and old, and colleagues from far and near. Please come if you are in the vicinity of Lagos. Thanks to Marc-Andre Schmachtel, the Director of the GI, Lagos for making this possible!