Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Presidential Grocery budget Nigerian Style!

Just in case there is anyone out there who does not understand why Nigerians do not believe all this bullshit from President Jonathan about using the $8 Billion from oil subsidies to fund much needed basic infrastructure, healthcare and education; consider this. In the recently unveiled 2012 federal budget, the government plans to spend $6.25 Million on feeding the households of Mr. Jonathan and the Vice President! Yes, Six Million, Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dollars (the amount is even scarier in Nigerian Naira: 1Billion naira). The breakdown shows that N477 million would be used to pay for foodstuffs and "catering materials supplies" for the president's office. Additional N293m would be for his "refreshment and meals" and N45.4m for canteen and "kitchen equipment." And this is in a country a federal senator earns--according credible reports--more than 6 times the salary/allowances paid the US counterparts! A sergeant in the Nigerian police earns a mere N31,000 or $200/month. In some theoretical world, I can imagine the argument against subsidies might make sense. But not when you have hyenas running the affairs of the state.
I repeat, Mr. Jonathan must first of all prove to Nigerians that he has the will and courage to fight the festering corruption and predatory antics of the political elite and their cronies. After he has done that, then let's talk about the subsidies.

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