Sunday, January 22, 2012

National Museum Kenya calls for works on/of paper by African artsts

The Nairobi-based National Museums of Kenya is organizing an exhibition "African Paper Art: Process, Substance and Environment,"curated by Lydia Gatundu, Edward Mwaura Ndekere and Kristina Dziedzic Wright. The organizers are requesting for works on paper and paper-based work from African artists. In other words, they are  looking for 2D images made on paper as well as 3D works made of paper material. That should make for an interesting show. I assume that since it is a curated show, not everything submitted will be included in the exhibition. They also seek proposals for made-for-the-show commissions. Submission deadline is February 15. The exhibition takes place, 7th July to 31st August 2012.

This is also a shout out to the National Museums of Kenya for its support of contemporary art of Kenya and East Africa. There are not many among its peer institutions around the continent that can claim or show comparable interest in contemporary art (not just ethnographic material) in their neighborhood.

For details of the exhibition, click here

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