Saturday, May 20, 2017

Op-Ed Piece in the New York Times, Sunday Review, May 21

So, I have an opinion piece coming out tomorrow (May 21) in the New York Times, Sunday Review, on matters arising from the increasingly strong auction market for modern and contemporary African art. The motivation for this was the inaugural Sotheby's Modern and Contemporary African Art auction this past Monday, along with a new department in the world's largest and arguably the most influential art business. What does this mean? What's good about this, and what challenges does this portend for the field and for Africa?  I mull over these questions in the essay. Like it or not, comments will be most welcome! 

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O. said...


I am a small Meican collector of contemporary art that recently stumbled upon African Contemporary work.It is so visionary, so strong, I decided to sell some pieces I have and start collecting these magnificent artists.Eddy Kamuanga, Ndidi Emefiele, Kudzanai Violet, Lady Skollie, Modisakeng and some others, are going to change perceptions in the near future. I feel this is the future of art. Caught between branded artists like Koons and Hirst and the ubiquitous Warhol, it needs to free itself from this constraints. Sothebys recent auction is going to be a trigger, Next year all lots will be sold, I hope.

All the best,

Oscar Pintado-Barragan