Monday, March 19, 2012

Justice for Trayvon Martin

On the face of it, this story about the killing of a black youth Trayvon Martin really, really stinks. I cannot see why Martin's killer of George Zimmerman--a man who was sternly advised by a dispatcher to not follow the young man--should not have been booked, investigated and prosecuted. In stead the police took his story, and saw no reason to prosecute him. But the big question is, how come the police believed the killer's incredible story of self defense, when he clearly trailed Martin, perhaps accosted him, and in the fight that ensued, shot him. Trayvon was unarmed. Is the law failing Trayvon Martin and his family? Do we need to have massive protests to force the authorities in South Florida to investigate and arraign Martin's killer, and let the courts determine the legality of his action and the credibility of his self-defense claim. The longer it takes to prosecute the Mr. Zimmerman, the more likely this case will awaken ghastly ghosts of old Southern racial injustice. Justice calls! But will the authorities in Florida listen soon enough?  

Trayvon Martin Family Seeks FBI Investigation of Killing by Neighborhood Watchman - Yahoo! News

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