Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Policeman who Died

Yesterday, I saw this video of a horrible event. In the Northern Nigerian town of Kaduna--which has become a major site of terror by the radical Islamist Boko Haram group--I saw a policeman bravely approach a sack leaning against a street lamp. He bent over with a metal detector, pried the sack open while the crowd cheered. Then, bang!; a cloud of dust. The cell-phone camera  must have been jolted by the explosion. When the dust settled a little bit, there lay in a contorted heap, the former policeman. I am outraged by this. Who is the superior officer that sent this hapless man to such gruesome death? Who in the police hierarchy allowed for a situation whereby any officer, anyone, without proper gear is sent to "defuse" a bomb? This is one of those moments when I wished I studied...OK, my question now is: is there any lawyer somewhere who could take up this man's case if only on behalf of his now orphaned children? Nothing can bring him back. But the Nigerian Police can be made to pay heavily for this through the courts. This man did not just die in the line of duty, or in the hands of terrorists. He is the victim of a government agency's disrespect for the life of this public servant. Who will fight for this dead officer and his family?

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