Saturday, April 30, 2011

Nnenna Okore's Metamorphoses at October Gallery London

Nnenna Okore, When the Heavens Meet the Earth, 2011. Photo courtesy October Gallery

Nnenna Okore, Emissaries, 2009. Photo courtesy October Gallery
I wished I could write more on these new, diaphanous sculptures by Nnenna Okore. The seductive allure of dematerialized, strangely biomorphic forms that seem to seize, yet ambivalent about their occupation of, the space around them. In any case, it should be a terrific show. Now that the fever of the Royal wedding is over, time to see something the art gallery.  The show opens at the venerable October Gallery, London May 5.


Danielle said...

Nnenna, I hope you read this comment. You work looks just stunning in these pictures. Truly, congratulations on this exhibition. It's been awhile time since the cold of the Iowa winters, eh? I see that you are in Chicago these days and I will have to look you up and stop by to see your gorgeous work in person some time. Until then, good luck to you.

-Danielle Snoddy

Nnenna said...

Thanks Danielle. Sorry I only just saw your post. Would love to meet up whenever you are in the area. Let me know. Best...~n
Hello Chika, thanks for the announcement on your blog. Hope work and family are great.
Cheers, ~n