Tuesday, January 10, 2012

IAAAG Demands Action!

Igbo American Alliance Against Genocide demands action against sponsors of Boko Haram
January 10, 2012
- Press Release, January 10, 2012: ‘Igbo American Alliance Against Genocide (IAAAG) asks Presidents Obama and Jonathan to prosecute sponsors of Boko Haram’s genocidal violence‘ -
The Igbo American Alliance Against Genocide (IAAAG), the U.S-based international group of African and American professionals, has followed and monitored with concern and revulsion, the violent and bloody recent events in Africa’s most populated, multi-religious country, NIGERIA.
Therefore, The Igbo American Alliance Against Genocide makes the following statement:
1. We CALL on the Presidents and governments of Nigeria and the United States to act, without further delay, to do much more by arresting and prosecuting the sponsors and patrons of the evil, targeted killings of members of the south eastern Nigerian Igbo and other Christians by the radical, terroristic Islamic group Boko Haram in parts of northern Nigeria.
2. We URGE the government of Nigeria, the United States and the International Court at the Hague should coordinate efforts to prosecute those who aid and sponsor and justify the targeted killings with possible genocidal implications. We implore the Governors and local government leaders in the areas of violence in Nigeria to be mindful that the international community and agencies especially the Igbo American Alliance Against Genocide (IAAAG) are watching and monitoring.
3. We CONDEMN, without any reservation, the inadequate initial response by the law enforcement authorities in Nigeria in failing to adequately protect the current and historic targets of radical Islamic zealotry in Nigeria, especially the Igbo and other Christians in the area. We note that factually, more than 200,000 persons, women and children from those groups have been killed/murdered by such attacks since 1938. The waves of killings and genocidal actions against the same group in 1965, 1966 and 1967 led to the Nigeria-Biafra war of 1967-1970. Most of the international community looked the other way as 2 million Igbo/south eastern Christians were wasted in genocidal killings in Nigeria. The dangers of the latest events cannot be understated.
4. We REMIND the international community that neither the Nigerian government nor relevant international organizations have terminated this ongoing, gradual genocide and religious extremism in the northern region; consequently undermining the basis for a peaceful and safe Nigeria for law abiding Muslims and Christians.

5. As a preliminary effort, we CALL on the federal, state and local governments of Nigeria to pay financial and associated compensations to the families of those affected by the latest wave of violence since 2010 to date. We request the increased support of the Red Cross and other NGOs.
We will not fold our hands and we will not keep silent, for as Martin Luther King Jr., wrote in the Letter from Birmingham Jail, April 16, 1963: Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”  
Igbo American Alliance Against Genocide

* I, am a card-carrying member of IAAAG!

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