Monday, January 9, 2012

Death of protesters in Nigeria

President Jonathan's government and its security operatives in Nigeria have crossed the rubicon. Today, news report indicate that three protesters were tortured and killed by policemen in the streets of Lagos, and two more in Kano. At the beginning of the protests last week, one protester was murdered by security officers in Ilorin. No matter how this current crisis ends, Mr. Jonathan must be held personally and officially responsible for the death of these civilians expressing their right to peaceful protest. The time has come for the world to affirm that extrajudicial killings by so-called democratic governments are no more objectionable and barbaric as those that occur in dictatorships and such regimes. Nigerians must never forget these souls offered for the cause of a more accountable, humane and legitimate governance in Nigeria. Mr. Jonathan and everyone acting on his government's behalf must be tried sooner or later for these killings; they cannot be given the privileges available to honorable men and women in and out of government. The world must keep account of the unfolding events in Nigeria were innocent citizens are now at the mercy of shadowy religious terrorists and an insensitive, incompetent, corrupt, violent regime.

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