Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Doctor in search of patient

This afternoon, I received this mail below. I post the mail here in toto:

My name is Dr. Aborisade Akande. I am a native of Ogun- State, Sango Ota. Am a member of ARABA herbalist Group {AHG} Ogun-State. I contacted you because i am a native doctor and i can be able to solve one or two problems you might be going through by the Special Grace Of God Almighty. 

If you are going through Pains in life such as POVERTY, Barreness, You want Promotion in your work place,Diabetes, Stroke, Romatism, Spinal Cord problem or a little Brain problem,Hypertension, Sleepless nights,BAd nightmares,Cancers. Pregnant With Cancer,Miscarriages OR Pregnancy After Miscarriage,Fibroids and Uterine Fibroids,Abdominal pain,Anemia,Bladder cancer,Blood Pressure,Chicken Pox,Diarrhea,Depression,Eczema,Epilepsy Seizure. Heart Attack,Kidney cancer (renal cell),Leprosy,Leukemia cancer,Obesity, Paralysis,Asthma Attack,Syphilis,Tuberculosis,Tuberculosis,Ulcer  .E.T.C. 

If you lack any of this deseases or you want me to pray for you, Kindly CALL me on any of my mobile numbers below OR you can reply me back on my EMAIL ADDRESS. 

PHONE: 09097259016 or  08106787020
Email address:
Dr. Aborisade Akande 

The only illness for which I might seek out this Dr. is the one called "E.T.C."!  I am surprised he does not  claim to cure the disease du jour EBOLA.  Maybe Ebola is too new, which makes the pool of possible candidates very small for this doctor's dragnet. Beware of the healer!

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