Monday, June 4, 2012

BBC News - African migrants hurt in Jerusalem 'arson attack'

Is it not shocking to hear government officials from the State of Israel describe African immigrants with words like "cancer," and that they constitute, according to a BBC report, "a problem that had to be 'solved'"? When you read about the increasing violence being levied on African immigrants, while government officials speak of nothing other than how to maintain the Jewishness of their state, with apparent little concern about inhuman treatment of people who do not look like the majority, it is impossible to remain silent. So, let me ask: could someone in the Israeli government please remember that these Africans immigrants are first and foremost human beings; that it is unacceptable and wrong to describe them as a "cancer"? Because such rhetoric begets nothing but the kind of terrible, popular anti-African violence we are witnessing in that country today.
BBC News - African migrants hurt in Jerusalem 'arson attack'

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Anonymous said...

Ironic then that they of all people are talking about preserving their purity and how a minority is a problem that needs a solution (one would hope at least, not a "final solution").