Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Unfolding catastrophe in the Horn of Africa

Yes, there is so much trouble in the world today, such that news of mass starvation and death in Africa does not shock anymore. And yes, there is the usual--sometimes justified--criticism of western aid (so powerfully articulated by Dambisa Moyo in her book Dead Aid), because it in fact contributes in the long term pauperization of aid-dependent societies. But the unfolding human catastrophe in the Hrn of Africa, a region debilitated by the worst famine in more than half century is enough to lose all sense of optimism about the future of mankind. It requires drastic action. From Somalia, a classic failed state terrorized by Islamist groups, criminal gangs and corrupt, feckless politicians, there is news of thousands of children dying of malnutrition  (some reports say as many as 600,000 will likely die if food and medicine aid does not reach them in weeks). And the aid is not forthcoming...

Which is why the new video produced by the estate of Bob Marley (the ever-living prophet of the downtrodden)  in partnership with Chris Blackwell of Island Music to call attention to the East African crisis is a must-see. Watch the video, and do something. Let's talk about the evils of aid later, perhaps with the survivors. After all, if it weren't from the corn meal, dried milk and corned beef from Caritas, I, a Biafran child, might not have survived to write this.

Here is the Bob Marley-Save the Children Video

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