Monday, April 4, 2011

Ulli Beier: In Memorian*

Travel well, Master
Of Migila House
Remember your oriki
Ogun's Horseman

The birds in your garden
Will return year after year
But who will feed them
Who, tell me will listen
To their daily chants?

Travel well, Uncle
Of my son
Take your beaded bag
Esu's Bestman

A long line has grown
In your frontyard
Madmen, priests, poets
Bearing kegs of up-wine
But who, tell me will
Open the door?

Travel well, Husband
Of many artists
Listen to your ijala
Bobagunwa of Osogbo!

*In appreciation for the years of our friendship, and for the memories I shared with you and Georgina at Migila House, Sydney.

1 comment:

guest friend said...

That's a very beautiful poem - and well deserved by the subject.